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Dragon Age: Origins & Awakening - Strategy Guide

By GamerGuides.com

  • Release Date: 2014-08-25
  • Genre: Games


You are a Grey Warden, last of a group of highly-skilled warriors tasked to defeat the Archdemon and stop the Blight from spreading across the land. The Grey Wardens are the only ones capable of defeating the Archdemon and sending the Darkspawn back to the pits whence they came. Accrue a squad of highly memorable characters, each with their own personalities and skills, to help you in your task and save Fereldan before it is too late.

This guide charts the adventures of the main walkthrough and all Downloadable Content and covers:

- A complete walkthrough from start to finish.
- Every item and codex uncovered.
- A complete trophy/achievement guide.
- Full coverage of all Downloadable Content including the massive DLC Awakening.