In Search of Me - Mitch A. Schultz

In Search of Me

By Mitch A. Schultz

  • Release Date: 2020-08-07
  • Genre: Drama


Mack shows up in the small, southern town of Gaston, Georgia only to discover that he has no memory of his past. Three years pass as he makes friends and settles in the community of Gaston, the only world he knows except for the occasional flutterings of a distant memory. Yet Mack continues to struggle between his present life and the one that eludes him. Is there a family out there looking for him? If he finds them, what will he do? What should he do with his growing attraction to a single mother who lives in the town he now calls home? Is love permitted? Or is there another waiting for him? These questions, mingled with deep and unresolved tensions, come to a crossroads when Mack’s past finally intersects with the present.