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Vampyr Game Guide


  • Release Date: 2020-07-27
  • Genre: Games


Bloody action RPG! Guide to Vampyr contains everything you need to know in order to successively suck blood. Here you'll learn how to unlock all NPC's hints. You will also find the description of all missions and side-tasks, as well as collectibles, weapons, and skills. The following guide for Vampyr will prepare you for the darkest and bloodiest nights on the streets of London. Our guide is a compendium where everyone can find answers to questions as well as tips that will make the beginning of the game easier. The guide discusses the most important topics such as NPCs that can increase your blood level. Other topics include character progression system, the best abilities and good starting weapons. The guide ends with our solution that includes side quests descriptions. The guide opens with starting tips and basics - there, you can find tips for starting the game. In this part you can learn, e.g. what are the differences between killing citizens and not obeying your vampire nature - is it worth to kill citizens in Vampyr or is it better to save and help them. Here, you can also find chapters dedicated to character progression system, crafting (it serves an important role in the game) and you can learn about a peculiar division between main and side quests and activities. You can also learn about the safehouse mechanic that can be found throughout the entire London. The guide wouldn't be completed without a FAQ section where we answer numerous questions, e.g. can you complete the game without killing anyone, can you sneak on PC, when is it worth to suck blood or how to open locked chests, safes and wardrobes? We also give tips on which weapons are the best and what abilities are useful in combat. Vast description of the districts is the core of the guide for Vampyr. There, you can find descriptions of districts including information about locations and NPCs that can be found in a given area. We have also pointed out each hint necessary for unlocking NPCs' blood level. Each page dedicated to Docks, Pembroke Hospital, Whitechapel and West End contains information on key locations, quests or secrets. Appendix contains less important information - check out Controls chapter if you have problems with the controls in Vampyr or head over to PC requirements chapter if the game isn't running smoothly for you. Here, you can also learn about Trophies and Steam achievements available in Vampyr. Jonathan Reid is a surgeon who, after a long absence, returns to London. During his way back he gets bitten by a mysterious vampire. After awakening he discovers that he himself became a nocturnal blood drinker, a damned creature and fear of the night - a vampire. This is where the game starts - Jonathan Reid tries to understand what exactly have happened, who has turned him into a vampire and who stands behind the Spanish flu pandemic.