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The Forest Game Guide


  • Release Date: 2020-07-26
  • Genre: Games


It's the ultimate survival experience! This guide to The Forest contains a very detailed walkthrough to the single player mode. This guide to The Forest contains a very detailed walkthrough to the single player mode. There are information about different foes, the ways of dealing with them, as well as general information about melee and ranged combat, by using the various items present in the game, included in this guide. Besides this, all of the crafting materials available in the game, as well as the possible crafting recipes were deeply described in a proper section. Additionally, the guide contains a detailed specification about all of the available constructions in the game, divided into various sections. This solution will help you in making right choices regarding the proper location for your encampment, due to a number of variables, the benefits and flaws of each choice, as well as general hints on how to prepare a prospering, safe base of operations. You'll also find a walkthrough for the item upgrading system - recipes, the results of mixing the given items or tips which items should be upgraded. The further chapters contain tips regarding unique items and problem solving, as well as serve as a means of facilitating the game. The Forest is a FPP survival horror with sandbox elements. Having spent a few years in Early Access on Steam, the authors managed to release the game by introducing patch 1.0. The wide range of abilities which have been developed throughout the aforementioned development phase, resulted in a game brimming with content, including items, enemies, buildings, and locations. The game enables us to assume the role of a human who survived an airplane crash. The hero wakes up onboard the wreck - our mission is to survive by building shelter and taking care of the basic needs as well as take care of the danger coming from the enemy units. The players can engage in both single and multiplayer modes, while the game contains a classic survival mode as well as a free play mode in which we can safely engage in exploration and base-building. Guide to The Forest contains: detailed walkthrough to the single player mode; tips concerning the basic, yet crucial gameplay mechanisms; description of all the equipment available in the game, which hints concerning its proper usage; description of all of the game resources, as well as their usage; a walkthrough for upgrading items - available combinations, required resources and tips which items should be upgraded; a very detailed description of the crafting system available to the player, like crafting items and rising various constructions; description and hints concerning fighting with various enemies existing in the game; a handful of useful tips concerning the movement around the island, as well as in the cave system. chapters containing tips regarding problematic aspects of the gameplay as well as step-by-step instructions for acquiring key and/or useful items.