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Call of Cthulhu Guide


  • Release Date: 2020-06-21
  • Genre: Games


Call of dark adventures. The Call of Cthulhu guide consists of a comprehensive collection of tips and a detailed walkthrough for this dark adventure game. We explain what skills you should invest in, how to avoid enemies and how to complete all chapters without any problems. Our guide for Call of Cthulhu will prepare you for a dozen of hours spent in the atmospheric world created by H. P. Lovecraft. This guide is a compendium where every player, regardless of their knowledge about this universe, will find answers to questions as well as gameplay-related tips. The guide focuses on the most important aspects such as interaction with NPCs, exploration or collecting items. Besides that, we also focus on seemingly trivial aspects such as the order of performing certain activities and their potential impact on the world. The guide opens with the chapter dedicated to starting tips and descriptions of the most basic gameplay mechanics. Here, you can learn about the impact of skills on conversations with NPCs, how much do your skills determine available dialog options and what are their consequences. This part also contains chapters dedicated to character progression system - check this chapter for detailed descriptions of the available skills, how to develop them, what are their restrictions and how they influence the story. You can also learn about stealth mechanic, how to search through rooms, and the retrospection mode. We have also included a detailed walkthrough. It contains detailed descriptions of every chapter and their respective missions. On top of that, our walkthrough also includes alternate ways of reaching destinations and completing objectives. Every chapter is richly illustrated and, if necessary, supported by a video showing, step by step, the process of solving a given puzzle or problem. The guide also contains an FAQ section where you can find answers to all your questions regarding the game. Here, you can learn how to solve more challenging puzzles, how to refill oil in your lamp, how to unlock the majority of the achievements in one playthrough, and which skills should you get first to avoid blocking yourself from story-related choices. The final part of the guide, the Appendix, also contains important information. Here, you can learn about the system requirements, check if your PC can run the game, and read about the controls for every platform. Check our comprehensive chapter about the available achievements and trophies -detailed information and videos will help you unlock them. Call of Cthulhu is a dark adventure game that combines elements of a psychological thriller, a stealth game and horror. It is based on books written by H. P. Lovecraft, an American writer. The game is based on his Cthulhu mythology. The main character, Edward Pierce, is a private detective. He investigates the mysterious deaths of Sara Hawkins and her family. The investigation takes an unexpected turn very quickly - the intrigue is intertwined with mysterious disappearances, a crazy doctor experimenting on patients, mutilated bodies of whales, as well as the titular Cthulhu known as the Great Dreamer. Call of Cthulhu uses the first-person perspective. The game is focused on exploration and solving various logic and environment puzzles. Call of Cthulhu also features RPG elements - the player can develop their character's skills by making progress in the game. The game was developed by Cyanide Studio, known from the Styx series, and published by Focus Home Interactive. Call of Cthulhu is available on PC, PS4 and XONE.