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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Guide and Tips


  • Release Date: 2020-06-21
  • Genre: Games


Zombie and battle royale? Ok. Guide to Black Ops 4 is primarily a collection of practical tips for beginners in multiplayer games. We describe all game modes, including Zombie mode and battle royale mode (blackout). The Call of Duty: Black Ops IV game guide describes the system of online and multiplayer battles in this popular tactical FPS series. On the following pages you will find general information: a description of available game modes, a list of character classes (specialists), as well as tips and tricks for some of them. In addition, there is an FAQ with answers to the most frequently asked questions and problems regarding the game. The core of the guide consists of game basics description, including: a description of the interface, support awards and general advice on the game. As usual, on the last pages of this guide you will find a summary and description of the available trophies / achievements that you can unlock during the game. Call of Duty: Black Ops IV is another part of a well-known series of FPS games. This time, you won't find a single player mode in the game: the available gameplay is only in form of a multiplayer game (online or local). There are three modes: classic multiplayer mode, divided into as many as 8 forms of matches; Blackout mode: the new Battle Royale mode, where you try to survive on a map full of players using the found equipment; Zombie (IX) - cooperation mode, in which you fight against opponents controlled by the AI. For those who have immersed themselves in the Black Ops story, there's a lot of interesting main storyline content in the form of videos. You have to complete training missions to gain access to all of the videos.