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  • Money Grab

    By marii.bihh
    The story is pretty good, but the books are extremely short. The first two books are equivalent to half of the length of an average young adult book. It feels like the author is doing a money grab so they can squeeze out as much money as possible for twelve short chapters. I’m not sure if I’ll keep buying books I can finish in a couple hours.
  • Great series so far

    By Blue Lane
    Let me just start by saying that I loved this story. I honestly love all the characters, except for the commander. The prince was so charming that I found myself falling for him. I wish Zadie just one more appearance. What happened to Isabelle was a nice twist. And Will.. Will has had my heart since the first book. I love a classic hero type character! But I don’t like to have a predictable ending. I knew from the moment Elise agreed that it wasn’t going to work. Plus, there are four other books...so ¯\_(ツ)_/