To the Valley Born - Jamie Dornan

To the Valley Born

By Jamie Dornan

  • Release Date: 2016-08-25
  • Genre: Drama


To the Valley Born - begins with an introduction to Summerlands, a smallholding set in a Welsh Valley during the second world war. With her husband languishing as a prisoner in Eastern Europe, Mali takes care of the land helped by Nona, her gifted seven-year-old daughter. After a death in the family, fortune leads Mali to build a successful business, while Nona’s exceptional intellect and photographic memory result in recruitment by British Intelligence and sponsorship to Oxford. Later in the story, Nona’s aberrant and troubled daughter, Nia, struggles to find a lasting relationship after a difficult childhood. An evolving story following three generations of talented women projected upon a stage of actual events. A tale of resilience, action and betrayal taking the reader on a surprising journey: from a humble cottage in Wales to Oxford Spires, the corridors of MI6, a Mafia-owned Chateau, and finally, a vineyard in Australia.