Final Fantasy VII - Strategy Guide -

Final Fantasy VII - Strategy Guide


  • Release Date: 2015-09-02
  • Genre: Games
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 17 Ratings)


Cloud of Nibelheim is an Ex-SOLDIER 1st Class, now a mercenary willing to do any dirty job, if the price is right. Goaded on by his childhood friend he ends up joining an eco-terrorist organization called Avalanche, who are fighting for the very lift of the planet. As they fight the monolithic mega-corporation known as Shinra Inc., Cloud's past and Avalanche's struggles intertwine, and the reluctant mercenary finds motivation to fight to save the planet from a different threat and settle the score with a menace from the past in the process.

The guide offers the following:

- A full walkthrough of the main game.
- Sidequests and optional dungeons are fully covered.
- Mini-games and challenges such as Chocobo breeding and racing, the Battle Arena and Fort Condor missions are explained in detail.
- Strategies for defeating the game's optional super-bosses.
- The location of every piece of Materia, ultimate weapon, ultimate Limit Break and Enemy Skill.
- A complete Chocobo Breeding section separate from the walkthrough, for easy information about the all-important art of aviculture.
- Trophy list, including detailed step-by-step information on disposition changes throughout the game for the "Best Bromance" trophy.